Eugene Pini

Eugene Pini was born in Buenos Aires in 1907 of French and Scottish parents and was the younger brother of Anthony Pini, the 'cellist.

In 1924 Pini began studying at the Royal College of Music, and in 1928 appeared at a Command Performance, after which he toured English and German music-halls. After playing in several orchestras he took up film acting in 1931 and synchronised music for various films. In the autumn of that year he formed his tango orchestra, which had great success over the air. The combination consisted of three violins, 'cello, bass, piano, and piano-accordion, and the orchestra specialised in unusual arrangements of Argentine tangos, violin solos, and light Spanish music.

Pini was married to singer Dorothy Carless. In the 1950s he lived in St. John's Wood, London.

You can watch him with his orchestra on 16mm film below:

The above information kindly supplied by Stephen Shaw

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Listen to 'On The Lighter Side'
played by Eugene Pini and his Tango Orchestra
as broadcast in 1945

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