As Your Were
This was a popular mid-morning music show broadcast in the 1960s in which the dance music of the 'twenties was featured. The instrumental numbers were played by James Moody and the Top Hatters, a small twenties-style dance band. James was an outstanding pianist who was often featured in novelty numbers such as 'Kitten On the Keys' and 'Dizzy Fingers'. The programme also featured Cherry Lind, a versatile singer who was a stalwart of the Light Programme - equally at home with operetta as she was with the chirpy, stylised singing required to reproduce the sound of the 'twenties.

A male singer was also featured, sometimes in duets or as a soloist with the band. This was usually Harry Dawson, although other singers such as Dennis Bowen also took part. It was hardly the sort of programme to be appreciated by those whose musical inclinations were towards the emerging pop groups, but as one who never followed trends, I thought that it was rather fun and was worth listening to for the piano artistry of James Moody alone. It was obviously very popular, as it was revived in an evening slot some years later.

The programme's signature tune was 'The Charleston'.

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