Music While You Work

The Band of the Scots Guards

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Listen to Music While You Work played by
The Band of the Scots Guards, Director of Music: Captain J. H. Howe
as broadcast on the BBC Light Programme
at 10.31am on 8th December 1965.

MUSIC WHILE YOU WORK on 8th December 1965
played by The Band of the Scots Guards
Director of Music: Captain J.H. Howe

Captain James H. Howe
Calling All Workers (sig)
Changing the Guard
Sound of music (Selection)
El Choclo
Piping Hot
Brigade of Guards
Call me Madam (Selection)
El Panadero
The Fleet's in Port Again
Sailors' Hornpipe
We saw the Sea
Blaydon Races
Keep your feet still, Geordie Hinney
Calling All Workers (
Eric Coates
Richard Rodgers
Jimmy Leach
Jimmy Howe
Irving Berlin
Kenny Baker
Noel Gay
Irving Berlin
Eric Coates